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  1. Comprehensive Insights: Gain deep insights into your cognitive abilities, including logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and more.
  2. Personalized Expert Feedback: Receive personalized feedback meticulously crafted based on years of research and analysis upon download.
  3. Cognitive Growth Plan: Intelligence impacts all aspects of your life, whether it's for personal growth, academic advancement, or career development. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you'll be better equipped to navigate your journey towards cognitive growth.

Have you ever wondered how intelligent you truly are compared to others?

The majority of people fall within the range of 85 to 115 points, which is considered average intelligence.

Will you be among the top 2.1% above 130? Find out with us.


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Omar A.— Egypt

“Decent test, similar to others online. The breakdown, a nice touch”

Michael H.— USA

“I was impressed with the comprehensiveness and engagement of this online IQ test. The email with tips and resources was a nice bonus.”

Tumi— South Africa

“After trying multiple IQ tests, I found this one to be particularly engaging and informative.”

Sophie R.— France

“The tests were varied and engaging. the report provided some interesting reading”

Jude D.— France

“I was very impressed with the quality of the test and the results. I have taken many IQ tests online and this one is by far the best”

Sophie M.— UK

“I found this test by pure chance, but it is engaging and informative. The certificate is OK, but the email was very detailed”

John D.— USA

“Great test! Quick and it provided me with valuable information.”

Anne P.— Croatia

“Found this IQ test surprisingly quick and enjoyable to complete. Was insightful”

Emily B.— United States

“I wasn't sure what to expect, but this IQ test pleasantly surprised me. It felt well-designed and insightful.”

Oliver H.— United Kingdom

“Completing the test was a breeze, and the results were enlightening. Give it a shot”


What is the IQ?


IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a numerical measurement of a person’s cognitive abilities. It is typically calculated through standardized tests designed to measure skills such as problem-solving, reasoning, and comprehension. While IQ tests are not a perfect measure of intelligence, they can provide insight into an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. IQ scores are often used in educational and professional settings as a way to assess potential and aptitude.


Is my Score definitive?


There is some evidence to suggest that certain cognitive abilities, such as working memory and processing speed, can be improved through practice and training. However, the extent to which IQ scores can be increased through such methods is a topic of debate among researchers.


What is the validity of this test?


The IQ Test you completed is the most up-to-date version of IQ measuring, created by experts in the field of IQ research. It is a high-precision tool designed specifically to measure general intelligence in online environments.


What do I get when I pay for the order?

  1. Your IQ Score: Your answers are analyzed and scored according to difficulty and your final score is calculated using a unique algorithm. Your IQ score is a reliable estimate of five different areas of your cognitive abilities at the time you take the test.
  2. IQ Certificate: The certificate is issued in your name and confirms your test result. The certificate is delivered in high-resolution PDF format and includes an unique serial number to ensure authenticity.
  3. A personalized report with detailed information about your brain strengths and weaknesses: The IQ Institute results include a personalized report that identifies your key cognitive skills that could use improvement, along with helpful tips on how to improve your intelligence score.

What is an IQ test?


An IQ test is a standardized assessment designed to measure a person’s cognitive abilities and intellectual potential. These tests typically measure skills such as problem-solving, reasoning, spatial perception, and verbal comprehension. IQ tests are usually administered by a licensed professional, such as a psychologist, and can take several different forms, including multiple-choice questions, puzzles, and timed tasks.

IQ tests are often used in educational and professional settings to help identify individuals with high intellectual potential and to provide insight into a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


What do IQ tests measure?


IQ tests measure a person’s cognitive abilities and intellectual potential, focusing on a range of skills that include problem-solving, critical thinking, spatial perception, and verbal comprehension. These tests are designed to assess an individual’s ability to reason, learn, and adapt to new situations, which are important skills in many academic and professional settings.

IQ tests are typically standardized, meaning that they are administered in a consistent manner and scored using a predetermined set of criteria. This allows for comparisons to be made between individuals and groups of people. It’s important to keep in mind that IQ tests are just one tool for assessing a person’s abilities and should be used in conjunction with other assessment tools to get a more complete picture of a person’s strengths and weaknesses.


What is considered a "good" IQ score?


IQ scores are typically scaled so that the average score is 100, with a standard deviation of 15 points. Scores between 90 and 110 are considered average, while scores above 130 are often considered high. However, it’s important to remember that IQ scores are just one measure of intelligence and should not be taken as the sole determinant of a person’s potential or abilities.

ClassificationIQ Range%
Highly gifted140+0.4%
Mensa membership130+2%
International High IQ Society membership1245%
High average110-11525%
Low average85-8923%

Can IQ be improved through practice or training?


There is some evidence to suggest that certain cognitive abilities, such as working memory and processing speed, can be improved through practice and training. However, the extent to which IQ scores can be increased through such methods is a topic of debate among researchers.


Is IQ correlated with success in academics or career?


Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between IQ and academic achievement, as well as certain types of career success. However, other factors, such as personality traits, motivation, and social skills, also play a significant role in determining success in these areas.


Are the reviews above real people?


Yes, they are. The reviews above were collected on a collaboration basis, meaning that we conducted extensive research by offering the results + a compensation for their time in order to evaluate if the test was accurate and impactful.